The battle between green space preservation and new development is nothing new.

Homeowners who enjoy various front and backyard views don’t want their quality of life or property values to plummet.

But, especially in Pinellas County, government leaders are hungry for more affordable housing stock for middle class families. Pinellas is already the densest in the state.

The latest battle pits residents surrounding the Bardmoor Golf Course in mid-Pinellas againstWheelock Communities and Gentry Land of St. Cloud, the developers of Pasco County’s Starkey Ranch development.

The development duo entered into an agreement to purchase the 150-acre golf course earlier this year for an undisclosed amount of money.

Plans are in their infancy, but broadly the group hopes to build create a mixed-use community consisting of multi-family housing, a village center, a boutique hotel and possible other commercial options the development group has not yet specified.

New development has its advantages. It creates new density, which encourages expanding transit options, a feature Pinellas County has long lacked.

It would also make room for new residents as people continue to move to the already dense county.

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